Welcome - أهلاً و سهلاً

The Syrian Refugees Support Project in Germany

(Berlin; December 2015 – December 2016)

The project will be launched on December 11th, 2015 in the framework of the ICD Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy 2015

The Syrian Refugees Support Project was created as a response to the humanitarian crisis in Syria (starting already in 2011 and developing and worsening up until now) with the main goals of offering support and relief to the community, to raise awareness in Germany about the evolving crisis as well as to build bridges between the Syrian Refugees in Germany and Germans.

In order to pursue these goals, the program works to bring together individuals and institutions of diverse cultural and professional backgrounds from across Germany, the Syrian refugee community and beyond. Through volunteering activities and initiatives, workshops, seminars and academic conferences, stakeholders can discuss salient economic, political, and cultural issues and assist in enabling the Syrian refugees to sustainably contribute to German society and wise versa.

Project Aims

The Syrian Refugees Support Project will pursue the following specific aims:

  • To offer relief to the Syrian refugees in Germany
  • To offer support to Syrian refugees in Germany
  • To raise awareness of, and draw attention to the crisis in Syria and the challenges and opportunities that exist with the Syrian refugees in Germany
  • To strengthen relations between, the Syrian refugees and the cultural communities within Germany
  • To increase the use of art, music, and sport as a medium for intercultural exchange programs at between the communities at a local and national level
  • To offer educational and professional development opportunities to Syrian refugees in Germany

Project Activity

The Syrian Refugees Support Project organizes the following activity:

Relief and Support Volunteer Activities
The project will organize and host a series of regular relief and support activities for the Syrian refugees in Germany.

Development and Educational Programs
The project will provide a series of development and educational programs for the Syrian refugees to provide them with the necessary language and professional skills in order to facilitate faster integration in German society including the job market.

Conferences, Lectures & Public Discussions
The project will organize a number of international conferences, which will take place throughout the year. The international conferences provide an opportunity for larger audiences to actively participate and engage in lectures, debates, and discussions featuring high profile figures from the fields of international politics, diplomacy, culture, academia, and the private sector.

Research & Analysis
The project will organize will conduct and publish relevant academic research into the aims outlined above. This research is conducted by the ICD staff and Advisory Board, members of our international network, as well as other key program stakeholders. All research material will presented at the events.